Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Nicole Richie

Jessica Alba

Diane Kruger

Cecile Cassel

Kanye West

Miquita Oliver

Along with everything else that screams : 'the 80's', the denim jacket is also making a comeback. This trend was extremely popular in 2000, and is now making a huge comeback. Everyone from Alice Dellal to (pregnant) Nicole Richie have been soprting this look. To my opinion, the denim jacket never really left... denim jackets are great way to dress down an outfit... Am I the only one who's noticed that Rihanna's hair is starting to look like Michael Jackson's?



Diane Kruger

Stella McCartney

Keira Knightly

Kate Hudson

Chloe Sevigny

Ashley Olsen

Designers from Oasis to Stella Mc Cartney have all included the peg leg trousers in their collections. This typically 80's trend is now being adapted to 2009 with a modern touch. The peg leg trouser is the perfect trend to make a woman look sexy and feminine with a touch of masculin.



The Queen of avant-garde trends has finally arrived to my blog. (yay!) When it comes to fashion, nothing scares this gal, she's demonstrated that a couple of times, once by wearing sandals with socks... although this might seem like a real fashion faux pas, I see a couple of celebrities imitating her in that respect. I just love her nerdy style.We have to hand it to her though, it's pretty hard to be daring when it comes to fashion and much easier to copy trends off the runway, that's why this Californian gal deserves the title of queen of the avant-garde.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Keith, a friend of mine, introduced me to the most amazing site that enables you to put together looks from a series of pieces that you liked while surfing the internet. I've come across such beautiful pieces (I discovered how much i love mc queen and vivienne westwood) that i know i wont be able to afford (at least not for now) but that i can still appreciate through the different looks i put together. I've only been able to do 2 looks so far and would appreciate your opinion on them... Polyvore.com is a great way to have fun with fashion and to express your personal style... there are no limits here my friends...