Sunday, December 20, 2009


I came up with a small concept to make my blog posts a little more exciting. I feel there's only so much we can write about celebrities, designers and basically things that are a bit far from real life. I wanted to focus more on real people that I knew personally and who lived in my city: Johannesburg, South Africa. I always complain about the lack of individuality that people have in Jo'burg and I always say that I wish there were more people who would just be different and exciting about not only the dress sense but their style as a whole, ie the way you wear your hair, your make-up, your clothes... basically everything that makes up one's style. These are the people that really teach you things about fashion and that inspire you to take risks and embrace your personal style, no matter how unconventional it may be. I have chosen to start this series of Jo'burg's Finests with the Hair Category... Let me introduce you to two gorgeous girls who know how to rock their locks... bet it long or short, they just know how to do it...

Meet Amy Rawhani... the Persian Pearl... this vintage-wearing, red lips-rocking and Mos Def-loving and advocate-aspiring beauty has experienced it all when it comes to her hair. She's worn it long, short, curly, wavy, straight, baby locked, bangs... and quite frankly, (it's frustrating to say but) there's no hair style that does not suite this girl. Oh well, if you don't believe me... judge for yourselves

Let me introduce you to Sindi-Leigh Mcbride, by far one of the cutest people if ever met (no seriously)... I don't even think these pictures do her justice. she's featured on the blog twice before (she's that cool) . I chose Sindi for this post simply because I loved the way her style as whole matures with her. When I met her in my first year in university, she was always very trendy and always looked on point... she had long, flowy hair that always looked gorgeous and now she's sporting a very short 'do that is super hot... just check her out... and hopefully you'll learn something from her...


Friday, December 11, 2009


When discussing the topic of whether Ed Westwick is hot or not... one can either think he's really handsome... or not at all... most people cannot just sit on the fence when it comes to this topic... I always used to be on the 'not hot at all' team... however... this perception of Mr Bass is slowly starting to change especially after I took a look at this editorial he did for GQ Magazine... maybe it's just a question of having the right clothes... the right stylist... the right make up artist... hair stylist and photographer... but one thing's for sure... whatever the case may be... I'm really getting into Chuck...



Here's the editorial that Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass) did with ex suoermdodel Helena Christensen for Hrpers Bazaar... its pretty hot... these two look like they could actually make quite a nice couple if you disregard the age difference.



Alexander Wang Show

Gisele Bundchen for Dansk Magazine

Amber Rose

Megan Fox for Elle Magazine

Missy Rayder

This mesh transparent number was first spotted on the Alexander Wang 2009 RTW Show... but ever since...  series of models as well as celebreties have ben spotted in it...matter of fact it has been abused... apart from the above that were seen wearing this dress Tyra Banks also wore but I unfortunately cannt find any pictures of her wearing it... Any who...Girls I know this dress is beautiful but just leave it alone already....


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Funky Asian Chicks...

Ad check out the shoes....

I just loved this outfit... this leather jacket is amazing

On my first night (out) in London... it felt like a breath of fresh air to see people e a bit more daring with their outfits... the girls didn't have to be revealing too much skin to be sexy... I saw a lot of black... a lot of leather as well... as patterned tights... faw fur... or even real fur...accesories like no ones business and the shoes... oh the shoes... magnficent...


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Whilst doing some shopping around Central London yesterday... I stumbled upon a really cool pair of jeans... I just thought to myself that they were just another cool design for jeans... and then I see this picture of Rihanna being venerated for wearing these Pratt's Motorcycle Jeans... I dont deny the fact that she looks good but If I had bought them... I probably would've had a couple of people telling me how they love my jeans (yeh... they're that cool)... but that's probably where it would've ended... I don't see the need for glorifying another person just because they're looking cool... and that's by discarding the fact that someone else probably dressed them...One thing I've learned from being in London is that... celebrities have got nothing on the common man on the street... we're so much more AWESOME MAN....


Wednesday, December 2, 2009



A couple of years ago when leopard print made its comeback as a hot trend and everyone managed to get their hands on anything that happened to have a hint on leopard print on it... i was (unfortunately) not that amazed by it. The simple thought that people would go gaga over anything that screamed leopard print just meant that they would easily give up on it. However... I've slowly found myself developing a late obsession for this past trend. It seems as though I'm not the only one though... while walking through Oxford... I surprisingly saw a couple of stylish gals sporting leopard print jackets....Lily Allen... Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe are also fans.... this trend is far from dying... I love