Thursday, July 9, 2009


I previously posted a feature on this young Ugandan designer who showed her collection during the Arise African Fashion Week. A few years ago, my sister went on holiday to Uganda with her boyfriend at the time and was introduced to Gloria, her dream was to become a fashion designer. A couple of weeks ago, my sister bumped into Gloria in a mall and she told her that she was going to be showing her collection at the Arise African Fashion Week. Gloria's dedication to fashion designing is evident when you look at her collection. I selected the above pictures as they were my favourite pieces in her collection. I loved the asymetric one piece shorts the corseted dresses. She also added feather details in some pieces and i loved the way she combined pieces that were had neutral colours with others that had brighter colours. For some of her pieces she used african fabric but still kept it modern, comfortable and wearable. I loved the contrast between the dresses that were corseted at the top combined with a lot of volume at the bottom, they had a ballerina feel to them. Oh, and how could I forget the wedding dress... amazing really.
Bravo, Gloria

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