Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hi All... For those of you who do not know this lady (shame on you), get ready to enter a world of fashion that you've never seen before. Anna Dello Russo is the editor at large of Vogue Nippon, she was previously the Fashion Editor of Vogue Italia for 18 years and is probably the most glamorous and fashionable woman on Earth. It's people like her that make me love fashion... everytime I see her, it's like a breath of fresh air... she'll wear anything that screams glamour... from sequins, feathers, fur, glitter and even lace... she'll wear it all and she will look amazing doing so. I love that her style is completely fearless and that she'll be the first to challenge just about any trend whilst keepng it very ADR... it's no surprise that Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, as well as famous bloggers such as Jak and Jil cannot go through a single fashion week without snapping a picture of this Italian glam goddess... if only I could spend a day in her shoes (literally)!

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