Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sirivannavari Spring 2009, Paris Fashion Week

When looking at Sirivannvari's personal style... I was in awe and thought to myself I should definitely do a feature of her for the blog, she's always seen looking polished and elegant and she wears the clothes so well, but after one look at her Spring/Summer 2009 Paris Fashion Week collection, I was a bit disappointed. I guess that's the problem with celebrities who try to make it in the fashion industry, you see them looking great wearing other designers but their own designs can never really be compared to what they're seen wearing on the red carpet etc. I really don't mean to criticise this collection you know... different strokes right... but I thought i should at least include the reason why I don't really like it. The main reason is that most of her pieces were not complementing the models bodies, which I think is the main thing clothes should be doing considering the fact that when you see a beautiful piece on a model's you tell yourself that there could be a pretty good chance that'll look good on you too even if you're not a size 0. For me the clothes didn't have a personality, if you know what I mean, the show was neither romantic nor strong, although I do think that that was what she was trying to achieve with the black and the hair and the strong make up... but when looking at the clothes themselves... it wasn't the case. The things I did love about the show though were the studded heels and the cute strapless dresses with the zip prints on them. I just hope that I'd like the next collection. Cheerios...

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