Thursday, October 22, 2009


I think I've repeated it more than I've needed to... simplicity is key and I think I'm gonna carry on repeating it until people actually get it... I don't know why people are so concerned with adding so many things to their outfit just to show that they know what's trendy... yes, if you're reading this , you probably know that trilbies, wayfarers and bright colours are trendy but that doesn't mean you have leave your house looking like you got dressed in the dark, seriously. Today I went to the library to do some revision for my exams next week (yeah I know, I don't know how I got the time to do this post) and I saw a group of girls... not only were they feeling themselves a little too much for my liking but looking like Christmas trees while doing... poor things... They were all wearing the weirdest combinations of fluorescent colours with these, hats and multicoloured fake-wannabe wayfarers... and a bunch of accessories... you see the picture... their outfits were so busy that u didn't even know where to look and what to focus on... what really grates me about that is that there's been this 'I wanna be pharrell williams' movement in johannesburg (South Africa) and the rest of the world for that matter, ever since pharrell launched his Billionaire Boys Club and BAPE labels. As much as I loved those labels ... people really killed them with no mercy... and one can't even bring the 'expressing yourself through fashion' argument because... that's just emulating what you see on someone else... it just shows how people lack a sense of personality... the group of girls I saw outside the library were a perfect example of that... not one of them looked different from the others... they were just little clones of each other... All I'm saying is... just be careful when following a trend... be yourself and remember... simplicity is key... take Ashley Olsen's example


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  1. well said linda, that was so blair waldorf of you:)