Sunday, November 8, 2009


Up until about a year ago Gemma Ward was indispensable to the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York. She was Karl Lagerfeld's protegee and was present in most of the camapaigns that filled Vogue's pages. However, lately she's been absent in the fashion scene and was recently seen looking rounded (and healthier) for her birthday party in NY. Whrn I saw these pictures I was extremely shocke, I didn't know what to think really... I mean this retired model gains a whole lot of weight right after having stopped modelling. Does that highlight how much models are forced to eat 'healthy' or not eat at all... She's still so beautiful no matter how much weight she's gained... And I think this also demonstrates how strict and hard it is to stay so thin and how unnatural this is... I actually tihinking that her stopping modelling is for the better...

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