Monday, January 25, 2010


First things first... I must apologize for the quality of the pictures for this post, but unfortunately I was seated in the umpteenth row from the front; which made it a bit difficult for me to take my pictures even after an (unsuccessful) attempt at trying to snap away whilst standing up. Anyways... 2 hours after the New Generation Shows I found myself back at the Sandton Convention Centre ready to hustle my way for tickets to the upcoming shows. After being quite disappointed at the New Generations Shows, I was in desperate need of a breath of fresh couture! Once seated, I quietly waited to see what Vesselina Pentcheva had in store for us... the name itself was quite intriguing... After carefully looking at ever look that was displayed on the catwalk, all I could really think of is that almost every look was 'du deja vu'. No matter how beautiful I thought certain pieces were, nothing screamed 'wow' in my mind. Nothing surprised me and honestly I don't think my wardrobe would need any of the pieces. It's sad because as soon as you leave a show you should at least desire one of the pieces even if you know you can't have it. I did however like the harem corseted black dress and the hounds-tooth ensemble as well as the wedding gown. I didn't think there was nothing innovative about the collection. Just a big deja vu at the end of the day.


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